From small biotechs to academic organisations to big pharma companies, we work with a range of different companies in order to present their mission and partnering opportunities to our focused audience.

Below we present a number of testimonials from our clients describing how valuable they have found the experience of being profiled in the BioPharma Dealmakers print publication, or as a sponsor of a BioPharma Dealmakers webcast.

Company Profiles

“Sanofi Pasteur has found the BioPharma Dealmakers business profiles to be an effective way to reach potential partners in the biotechnology community. Coordinating publication of the profiles with major international partnering meetings allows us to communicate our partnering interests to a large and interested audience on a regular basis.”

Andrew Murdin, Senior Director, External R&D, Sanofi Pasteur

“We find the BioPharma Dealmakers profiles to be a successful way of communicating our partnering interest to the industry thus raising the awareness of our offerings. We have used the outcome at both conferences and our websites to further promote our partnering capabilities in a consistent way. The people at Nature coordinated all activities and writing very well; they are very flexible in helping us through our everyday busy lives.”

Niklas Andersson, Global Communications Manager, Novozymes Biopharma UK Ltd

“We find the Nature BioPharma Dealmakers business profiles a successful way to communicate our messages about Merck’s partnering interests and capabilities. We often hear from potential partners after they read the article.”

Pamela Demain, Executive Director,Corporate Licensing, Merck

“We enjoyed working with BioPharma Dealmakers, Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery as we educated their readers about Arcturus Therapeutics and increased the visibility of our LUNAR™ delivery and UNA Oligomer™ chemistry platform with other life science companies -- and look forward to further opportunities to do so again.”

Neda Safarzadeh, Associate Director of Special Projects, Arcturus


“We were very pleased with the webinar from every aspect. The audience turnout was good and the quality of people participating certainly matched our target audience. We’ve had very positive feedback from industry contacts as well as our shareholders. The entire product/technical side for the webinar was excellent. I’ve worked with a number of companies on various webinars and your team was very professional, responsive and was a pleasure to work with. We think the end product was very high quality. Thank you….I hope we have an opportunity to work together again.”

David Walsh, SVP Marketing & Communications, Healthcare Group, Biothera, The Immune Health Company

“We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Webcast, working with you on it … It is a great format, with significant value for companies and the audience.”

Bharath Takulapalli, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, INanoBio Inc.

“The webcast was a valuable experience and it helped to raise awareness about our company. We were very happy with the number of attendees and questions from viewers during the webcast.”

Mary Marolla, PR Manager, OncoSec Medical