10 top tips for Companies

  1. Provide interesting and / or useful information
  2. Try to limit posts to 500 words
  3. Use short, catchy titles
  4. Use a friendly, informal tone and avoid jargon
  5. Include an image – or, even better, make a video – to attract attention
  6. Link to related material
  7. Call for action: ask questions of the reader / viewer; invite comments
  8. Share your post or video widely on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media to broaden its reach
  9. Check back for comments and questions
  10. Interact with other Companies: share and vote on their posts and videos, ask them questions, and they will do the same for you

See also our Participation Guidelines for Companies.

3 top tips for Members

  1. Upvote, share and comment on posts, videos and profiles. It helps Companies understand what you want to see from them and gets them to notice you
  2. Make visiting the Website part of your routine activity: new posts, videos and profiles are added frequently
  3. Follow your favorite Companies to ensure you don’t miss a contribution from those you are most interested in or hoping to partner with

See also our Participation Guidelines for Members and Using BioPharma Dealmakers which tells you how to get the most from the site.