Sphere Fluidics Launches E-commerce Site Allowing Researchers Rapid Access to Specialist Microfluidic Products

Cambridge, UK, 24th January 2017

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Sphere Fluidics Limited (SF), an established Life Sciences tools company, today announced the launch of their new E-Commerce website platform to enable researchers easy access to its specialist microfluidic products.

The new website functionality allows scientists rapid, global access to a patented range of specialist chemicals, microfluidic biochips and research instrument accessories. These include the Pico-Surf™, Pico-Break™, Pico-Glide™, Pico-Gen™ and Pico-Safe™ brands, which are designed for a wide variety of single cell analysis applications, cell and molecular biology assays, cell growth studies, ESI-MS, cell secretion assays and more. The consumable product ranges complement Sphere Fluidics’ cutting-edge research instruments.

Dr Rob Marchmont (Commercial Director at Sphere Fluidics), commented: “At Sphere Fluidics we are proud of our outstanding track record in developing novel microfluidic-based solutions for faster and more effective sample analysis and biological discovery. The new E-Commerce website platform provides Life Science researchers with easy and rapid access to our cutting-edge technologies as well as technical support from our R&D team and Application Scientists.”

Sphere Fluidics provides unique collaborative services and products for single cell analysis and characterisation and is currently developing industrial single cell analysis systems (e.g. Cyto-Mine®) for therapeutic discovery and development. Its patented novel biochip systems can process millions of miniaturised tests per day and enable users to find that rare “one in a million” molecule or cell that could be an industry blockbuster. Compared to conventional approaches, Cyto-Mine® technology is ultra-high-throughput, fast, miniaturised and reduces costs and saves time.

For more information please visit www.spherefluidics.com

For further information contact:

Rob Marchmont, Commercial Director

Email: Rob.Marchmont@spherefluidics.com

Phone: +44 1223 804200

Cyto-Mine®, Pico-Surf™, Pico-Break™, Pico-Glide™, Pico-Gen™ and Pico-Gen™ are trademarks of Sphere Fluidics Limited.

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Sphere Fluidics

Two research collaborations, one with the synthetic biochemistry team at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the other with the Centre for Synthetic Biology and the department of bioengineering at Imperial College, London, have Sphere Fluidics working at the cutting edge of mass spectrometry (MS) and synthetic biology. MS is the technique of choice for characterizing proteins and chemicals and for distinguishing nuances between metabolite concentrations in biological samples. Following atom ionization, the masses of the molecules and their derivatives can be determined. However, compared to other technologies used to characterize biological samples such as genome sequencing, MS is a lowthroughput process. Sphere Fluidics’ picodroplet technology now provides a high-throughput approach for analyzing single cells or a few hundred picoliters of fluid containing the molecules of interest. The technology platform is already used to support a number of applications in the academic and biopharmaceutical research communities.

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