Read our May 2017 MedTech issue.

Our annual medtech edition is back for May 2017. This edition covers medtech partnering trends, reviews diagnostic deals from last year and showcases a number of companies looking to partner in the medtech field.

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Read our annual Medtech edition.

Our annual Medtech edition reviews recent partnering and financing trends in the medtech field and analyses last year’s diagnostic deals. It also includes profiles from companies looking to partner in the medtech industry.

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Raveena Bhambra

Editor, BioPharma Dealmakers , Nature Research

Hello all, I am the Editor of BioPharma Dealmakers, a quarterly publication that assists companies in identifying potential partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and appears in both Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. I am very passionate about the biopharma industry and have over 15 years of experience of working in the field, specifically in dealmaking, partnering and licensing. In my previous roles I have conducted partner searches identifying both products/technologies and partners for clients, and have edited and written dealmaking-focused reports.

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