Aldevron: the basis for breakthroughs

Providing a vast range of custom biologic services, including plasmid DNA production, mRNA production and antibody development, Aldevron is helping companies worldwide lay the foundations for groundbreaking science and discoveries.

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Aldevron is on a mission to improve human health through the production of biologics. By offering nucleic acid and protein production technologies, antibody development and custom services to the largest pharmaceutical companies, the smallest virtual start-ups and research institutes worldwide, the company is helping to address a wide range of research and commercial needs and achieve rapid advances in life science.

“Our custom development and manufacturing services are giving scientists around the world essential components to accelerate their drug discovery and development,” said Michael Chambers, CEO of Aldevron. “By supplying what clients’ need, when they need it, with expert support at every stage of development and production, we are a catalyst for innovative science and breakthrough discoveries.”

Custom biologics and manufacturing service

Using proprietary technology and a series of integrated platforms, Aldevron produces custom bio- logics of the highest quality, scaling manufacture to fit projects of any size and meeting precise client requirements. It offers the largest spectrum of manufacturing services and quality levels for plasmid DNA, RNA and gene-editing enzymes, and its antibody discovery platform is the standard for the development of humanized monoclonal antibodies against difficult targets such as G protein-coupled receptors. Clients have the option of choosing the quality grade that fits their needs and stage of development with the assurance that the product will be available when it’s needed.

Since it was founded 20 years ago in a small laboratory at North Dakota State University, Aldevron has grown into a world-class service organization with operations in the United States and Europe. “Our consistent and steady growth has been built on trust in our quality and in our scientific acumen,” explained Chambers. “We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done, each and every time, and are constantly looking for new and better ways to give researchers the biological products and services they need.”

Aldevron is all about diligence, precision and adapt- ability—qualities that Chambers first observed in the honey bee. “Shared objectives, cooperation and ingenuity can combine to accomplish monumental goals, and this is the ethos of Aldevron,” he said. “Our mission is to find customized solutions to your research, clinical and commercial needs, regardless of scale, complexity or scope. And if Aldevron can’t service your needs directly, we’ll help you find someone who can!”

Expanding its presence

Still headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, Aldevron maintains direct access to local university talent, a favorable cost structure and a geographically central location. Reaffirming its commitment to the entire biotechnology industry, Aldevron has just completed construction of the world’s largest and most advanced plasmid DNA manufacturing facility (Fig. 1). The facility includes 17,000 square feet of state-of-the-art modular cleanrooms with dedicated air handling, ensuring the highest possible production quality and compliance. Its fermentation scale ranges from 10 to 300 liter single-use systems, with the ability to expand to 2,000 liters under the same roof—offering unparalleled good manufacturing practice (GMP) capacity for clinical and commercial production and an ideal operating environment to enable significant future growth.

“We’ve built the world’s largest production facility for plasmid DNA that also supports our clinical and commercial production of proteins and enzymes, including Cas9 (a CRISPR nuclease),”said Henry Hebel, COO. “Our research-grade production facility provides the flexibility needed to offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times while still maintaining the quality our clients expect. We’re already known for our swift response and reliability and our new facility is going to further enhance our capabilities.” 

Fig. 1 | Aldevron’s newly built facility in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

Partnering at Aldevron

Close, collaborative relationships are integral to the way Aldevron works, and the company seeks to be the partner of choice for organizations of all sizes looking for affordable, high-quality products and services to advance their work. “Aldevron is a problem solver and we are most successful with clients who are open with us about the goals of their programs from start to finish. We want to be a part of achieving those goals instead of simply being a vendor that fulfils orders,” said Chambers. “At this landmark moment in the history of life science there is a growing demand for our products and services in the search for treatments for some of the world’s most debilitating diseases. A future with Aldevron is a future with possibilities.”


Michael Chambers, CEO
Fargo, ND, USA
Tel: +1-701-297-9256

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Aldevron is a leader in advancing biological science. Our custom development and manufacturing services have provided scientists around the world with the essential components to accelerate research and open up their laboratories for groundbreaking science and breakthrough discoveries. Read more

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