Single source provider of full-service therapeutic antibody development

ImmunoPrecise offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to rapidly deliver high-performing therapeutic antibodies. The company works on royalty-free contract research agreements and partnership models.

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ImmunoPrecise is a full-service therapeutic antibody company focused on next-generation antibody discovery. ImmunoPrecise operates from state- of-the-art laboratory facilities located in Victoria, British Columbia, which house cell culture and B-cell screening facilities, as well as a Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC)-approved vivarium. Globally, ImmunoPrecise offers antibody services—from tar- get analysis to preclinical lead generation—in collab- oration with its wholly-owned subsidiary operations at U-Protein Express B.V. and ModiQuest Research B.V., both located in the Netherlands.

ImmunoPrecise offers fast turnaround times, innovative platforms, and a >95% success rate. The company provides all services under one roof, making ImmunoPrecise the partner of choice for clients looking to boost their antibody discovery and development pipelines.

A comprehensive suite of antibody discovery services

ImmunoPrecise provides a range of services that includes antibody discovery in wild-type and trans- genic mouse, rat and chicken models, rabbit and llama monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and custom and in-house human phage display libraries, all targeted against a broad spectrum of antigens (Fig. 1). The company offers its proprietary B-cell screening and selection platform which decreases discovery timelines and enhances the probability of finding a therapeutic antibody of interest.

The company also offers a broad range of complementary services, including immunologically based assays, protein expression, humanization and affinity maturation, antibody characterization and optimization, display library screening, stable cell line development and cryopreservation services and storage. The ImmunoPrecise antibody discovery process is determined by several key methodologies: B-cell selection; Rapid Prime immunization; genetic immunization; transgenic animals; phage display; and humanization.

Fig. 1 | ImmunoPrecise’s suite of solutions. Delivering high-perfoming antibodies. ADCs, antibody–drug conjugates; ADCC, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity; CAR-T, chimeric antigen receptor T-cell; CDC, complement-dependent cytotoxicity; FACS, fluorescence-activated cell sorting; GPCRs, G protein- coupled receptors; IHC, immunohistochemistry; PTM, post-translational modification; WB, western blot.

The company’s proprietary B-cell selection platform allows the screening of an animal’s entire immune repertoire and the selection of a desired antibody directly from B-cells. This results in earlier hit identification from a more diverse panel of antibodies compared with traditional technologies. Screening the entire population of B-cells optimizes throughput and success rate, and maintains native heavy and light chain pairings.

The company’s Rapid Prime immunization protocols have one of the fastest timelines and highest immunoglobulin G response yields in the industry with no compromise on affinity. Proprietary injection methods are utilized for a variety of targets in multiple species and positive antibodies are identified within 35 days.

ImmunoPrecise’s genetic immunization platform has proved successful in the generation of mAbs against challenging targets, such as ion channels and G protein-coupled receptors, and is applicable across multiple species (including transgenics) and discovery technologies.

The company is an approved contract research organization for multiple transgenic animal models, and its extensive experience with these platforms provides clients with access to reliable and effective therapeutic human antibody selection. Multiple human antibody campaigns can be run in tandem through ImmunoPrecise’s discovery platforms.

ImmunoPrecise’s phage display platform is based upon the selection of antigen-specific recombinant antibody fragments from custom immune libraries from multiple species—including mice, chickens, rabbits, transgenic animals and llamas—in a single- chain variable fragment (scFv) or single-domain anti- body (VHH) format. Clients also have access to the company’s proprietary in-house disease and naive human or llama phage libraries.

ImmunoPrecise provides a robust and efficient anti- body humanization service, which consistently retains affinity and specificity levels. The approach is a combi- nation of state-of-the-art in silico antibody modeling, to identify essential framework and complementarity- determining region residues and phage library-based selections, which result in antibodies with maximum humanness and retained affinity and specificity.

Personalized antibody development

ImmunoPrecise has more than 25 years of antibody development experience, innovation and knowledge, with over 2000 successfully completed mAb projects. The company prides itself on its strong project management skills and open and honest communication with clients. The company’s principal scientists develop custom tailored programs to meet client needs and budgets. Designated project managers directly communicate and share data with the client, and clients have the option of many checkpoints throughout their project, including data readouts and sample provision for client testing.

“Our infrastructure for comprehensive antibody discovery services and global reach enables us to help ensure customer success no matter where they are located in the world,” said Jennifer L. Bath, president and CEO.

Hassle-free partnering

ImmunoPrecise has adopted a simplified business model: all antibodies generated by the company for a client are solely owned by the client and are royalty-free. In addition to standard agreements, ImmunoPrecise welcomes proposals for co-development collaborations and other out-of-the-box partnerships. The combination of experience, innovation, flexibility and a ‘putting the client first’ mentality has made ImmunoPrecise an antibody discovery partner of choice for more than 25 years.


Jennifer Bath, President and CEO
ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Tel: +1-250-483-0308

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ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies, Ltd (IPA) is an industry leading, CRO, providing single-source therapeutic antibody discovery services featuring B cell Select, Phage Display, and Hybridoma platforms. IPA an international, full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery company offering species agnostic advancements such as the B cell Select™ single-cell technology and the DeepDisplay™ custom phage libraries, as well as the Abthena™ bispecific program. All of these technologies integrate seamlessly with IPA’s integrated Artemis™ Intelligence Metadata (AIM)™ capabilities to enable rapid turnaround on additional outputs in therapeutic optimization, stability, affinity, and manufacturability.

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