AlivaMab: integrated therapeutic antibody discovery solutions

Ablexis, LLC, developer of the AlivaMab Mouse and AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC, offer customized and streamlined solutions for companies and organizations looking to obtain efficacious and derisked therapeutic antibodies.

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Ablexis, a biopharmaceutical company focused on licensing its AlivaMab Mouse technology for antibody drug discovery, and AlivaMab Discovery Services (ADS), a contract research organization offering comprehensive antibody drug discovery services using the AlivaMab Mouse, together offer unparalleled capabilities for organizations of all sizes, from virtual to global biopharmas, to obtain lead candidate antibodies that meet target product profiles with both time and capital efficiency. The AlivaMab Mouse platform at the core of Ablexis’s and ADS’s offering is a transgenic mouse optimized for antibody drug discovery and development that delivers high-affinity, high-potency antibody candidates with better developability profiles and with faster timelines than other platforms on the market.

Ablexis offers multiple licensing structures and flexible licensing terms to accommodate organizations of all sizes. ADS provides exceptional capabilities in antibody drug discovery backed by decades of experience in therapeutic antibody generation, screening and functional assay development and execution, and recombinant antibodies. 

"Successful, fast movement from discovery to clinical development is more important than ever in capturing value - Ablexis's AlivaMab Mouse technology brings quality, speed, and value in generating development-ready antibodies that meet target product profiles, making it the best-in-class platform for antibody drug discovery and development," said Larry Green, founder and CEO of Ablexis and ADS. "AlivaMab Mouse avoids the false economies of competing platforms - other transgenic, in vitro and humanization. For outsourcing therapeutic antibody discovery, ADS provides exceptional capabilities in antibody drug discovery using AlivaMab Mouse."

The AlivaMab Mouse advantage

The AlivaMab Mouse is uniquely designed for success and speed in antibody drug discovery and development. It produces chimeric human-mouse monoclonal antibodies comprising fully human Fab and upper hinge regions and mouse middle hinge and Fc regions. Optimized constant domains enable the rapid generation and idenitification of development candidates that retain critical structure-function characteristics (Fig. 1).

Antibodies from AlivaMab Mouse exhibit druglike biophysical properties that are predictive of and comparable to that of their fully human counterparts, which highly facilitates therapeutic candidate election. An optimized human V gene repertoire that incorporates select human VH, Vk and V genes and thoughtfully designed cis regulatory elements yields immune responses, high human complementarity determining region 3 (CDR3) molecular diversity and broad epitope coverage superior to any other transgenic animal platform available for licensing. Overall, the platform results in higher efficiency and probability of success through faster, more robust and more diverse immune responses, delivering therapeutic candidates that are chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC)-compliant and are derisked with regard to their potential immunogenicity in patients.

Fig. 1 | The AlivaMab mouse platform. The AlivaMab Mouse produces chimeric human-mouse monoclonal antibodies comprising fully human Fab and upper hinge regions and mouse middle hinge and Fc regions. AlivaMab Mouse antibodies exhibit superior molecular diversity in the V domains, high affinity and potency, and drug-like biophysical properties. 

The AlivaMab Mouse platform is currently licensed by top pharmaceutical companies such as AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen, Eli Lilly, Novartis, and Pfizer, and numerous other companies ranging in size from global biopharmaceutical
companies to virtual operations. AlivaMab Mouse has been internalized by more than a dozen companies in North America, the European Union, and Asia and is used in a wide range of antibody discovery applications, evidencing its user-friendliness. Licensees may use AlivaMab Mouse in-house, at AlivaMab Discovery Services, or at other select service providers.

ADS: customized antibody development solutions

ADS, founded in 2018, delivers value through quality results and speed in antibody drug discovery. A seasoned team of scientists with decades of experience in the field at large and small companies has developed a fully integrated suite of services to provide clients with modular solutions across the entire workflow of antibody drug discovery, ranging from consulting on the target product profile, functional assay development, antigen design, and immunization through to the delivery of antibody leads for preclinical studies. The ADS team offers expertise and innovation in collaboration with each partner’s scientists to create customized project plans tailored to the target type, antibody design goals, and the needs of the client to deliver antibody candidates that meet or exceed project goals.

The company provides the necessary expertise to produce large panels of sequence and epitopediverse, high-affinity monoclonal antibodies against a broad variety of target types, including membrane multi-spanners and targets with high sequence conservation between mice and humans. ADS has developed an efficient and streamlined path to optimal functional leads built on the team’s expertise in efficiently generating therapeutic-quality antibodies against a variety of targets along with the functional assay design and execution to ensure that screening assays identify the better lead candidate antibodies earlier in the screening process. The years of experience in generating therapeutic-quality antibodies from rodents, both wild-type and transgenic, accumulated by ADS’s scientists allow the team to position a client’s discovery program for success while preempting and navigating through potential pitfalls and avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to therapeutic antibody generation.


Ablexis, LLC
San Diego, CA, USA
Tel: +1-415-967-1220

AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC
San Diego, CA, USA
Tel: +1-858-866-9310

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Ablexis, LLC and AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC provide quality, speed and value, delivering unparalleled capabilities in the discovery of human therapeutic antibodies in industry leading timelines. Ablexis created and licenses the AlivaMabTM Mouse, a set of unique, patented transgenic mice strains optimized for antibody drug discovery and development. AlivaMab Mouse is a best-in-class antibody discovery platform that rapidly provides: • More robust immune responses • Better antibody diversity • Larger panels of antibodies with high affinity, potency and specificity • Better drug-like properties for transitioning into and through development Ablexis has established license agreements with dozens of companies, including eight of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies, public and private biotechnology companies and other entities. Ablexis offers multiple structures and flexibility in its licensing terms to accommodate companies small and large. AlivaMab Discovery Services (ADS) provides comprehensive solutions for therapeutic antibody discovery. Built on our decades of experience in antibody drug discovery, the ADS team has developed a suite of innovative processes that rapidly delivers therapeutic quality antibodies against a variety of targets, including GPCRs. Each customized discovery project plan is based on science and developed in collaboration with the client. ADS delivers antibody candidates that meet or exceed our clients' project goals.

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