MGMR, a next-generation carbon nanotube, solves drug development challenges

BioPact’s MGMR (Medical Grade Molecular Rebar) offers a safe and scalable nanoparticle platform for controlled and targeted delivery of a wide range of therapeutics.

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Oct 25, 2016
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BioPact’s innovative drug delivery platform, Medical Grade Molecular Rebar (MGMR™), comprises discrete, individualized, pure, length-controlled, surface-functionalized carbon nanotubes (CNT). By utilizing our patented technology, drug developers can solve challenges in many arenas such as: controlled release, targeted delivery, transdermal delivery, toxicity, physiological instability, intracellular delivery, or crossing the blood-brain barrier. The unique properties of these tubes overcome the limitations of traditional CNT which are impure, tangled bundles of carbon. MGMR can be internally loaded with large and/or small molecules, regardless of chemistries, while the exterior of the tube is available for functionalization with bioactive agents to create a targeted drug delivery system.

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