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Sales Account Executive, Springer Nature
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BioMedica Diagnostics is a proudly Canadian company focusing on thrombosis & haemostasis diagnostic solutions for human and animal health. BioMedica offers a comprehensive line of diagnostic and research products recently strengthened through an acquisition of specialty coagulation products and technologies. In the BioMedica line-up, partners will find high quality kits, controls, reagents, calibrators, antibodies and substrates that are designed for clinical use in routine and specialty coagulation and are also widely used in research and industry environments. BioMedica products are available for sale directly to laboratories and can also be purchased worldwide through a network of elite distributors. Many products are Health Canada Registered, FDA 510(k) cleared and/or CE marked. In addition to clinical partners, BioMedica also works with industry partners to OEM or customize products that are manufactured to a partner’s custom requested specifications, available in a final packaged format or as bulk intermediary product, ready for further manufacture.
G-ray Switzerland SA is a development stage company, based in the State of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with validated core competencies in monolithic CMOS integrated pixel array detector technology. Our mission is to deliver new solutions supporting the development of personal medicine through safer and better X-ray medical imaging. Our first product, the latenium™ detector, will deliver unprecedented price-performance ratio: we aim at establishing latenium™ as an industry-leading product together with established industry actors. The company addresses a large unmet need for low dose X-ray medical applications and brings deep expertise in the areas of: - compounds with ultra-high sensitivity - direct (covalent) bonding technology and the epitaxial growth of defect-free silicon-germanium absorber structures on silicon. We leverage the most recent technologies in material sciences, electronics and medical imaging to innovate and create long-term value for society and shareholders. We want to be a global healthcare technology provider and cultivate an open corporate culture with high ethical standards. We promote innovation, transparency, quality, collaboration, and performance in our interactions with suppliers, partners, the medical community and society. Finally, we also want our core technologies to bring benefits to the industrial sector, in particular in areas contributing to increased compliance and safety.
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Rebecca Ratty

Senior Publishing Manager, Springer Nature

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Edurne Gil

Marketing and Communications Technician en 3P Biopharmaceuticals, 3P Biopharmaceuticals

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Freya Lowe

Community Manager, Dealslands.co.uk

Lowe Freya is working as a Community Manager at Dealslands.co.uk. In her leisure time, she really likes to share her views and her trips to various places.
Icell Kealex Therapeutics is an oncology biotech startup based at JLABS at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. We are developing oncoloytic vaccinia viruses armed with T-cell-engaging antibody fragments that boost the virus’s antitumor efficacy. This modification in the virus allows the tumor cells that are not infected with the virus to be target by T-cells. Icell Kealex has a deep pipeline of T cell engager oncolytic vaccinia virus which offer an advantage over other oncolytic viruses. We plan to enter phase 1 trials with our lead product in 2018. We are looking for co-development or licensing partnerships
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mostafa wagih anwer

student , milki

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Graham Combe

Business Development & Producer (PTV) at PharmaVentures, PharmaVentures

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Luis Lens, MSc.

Clinical trials Analyst at CBIO/NUDFAC-UFPE, CBIO/NUDFAC-UFPE

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John Hewes

Sr. Specialist, National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute’s Technology Transfer Center (TTC) facilitates partnerships between external organizations and the NCI and eight other NIH institutes and centers. With specialized teams, TTC guides the interactions of our partners from the point of discovery to patenting, from invention to licensing or co-development. We play a key role in helping to accelerate the development of cutting-edge research by connecting our partners to NIH’s world-class researchers, facilities, and knowledge. The TTC Invention Development and Marketing Unit is the key point of contact for organizations wishing to partner with the NCI and the institutes and centers we service.
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Georgia Francis

Senior Editorial Assistant, BioPharm Dealmakers, Springer Nature

Hi there, I'm Georgia. I am the Editorial Assistant for Biopharma Dealmakers - the quarterly publication that assists companies in identifying potential partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The supplementary magazine appears in both Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. Please get in touch if you would like to feature.
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Beatriz Valle

Researcher, TECNALIA

ValiSeek Limited was formed as a Joint Venture single asset company in 2014 to progress cancer program VAL401 through early stage clinical trials to a stage attractive for out-licensing. ValiSeek is looking to initiate detailed licensing discussions prior to completion for co-development or out-licensing on a regional, global or disease specific basis to ensure a smooth continuation of their project VAL401.
Aposense, an Israeli publicly-traded biopharmaceutical company (TASE: APOS), is focused on a novel and powerful natural energy resource: the membrane dipole potential, a recently-discovered voltage, measurable in every leaflet of any phospholipid membrane. The dipole potential translates into an enormously strong electric field of up to 1 billion V/m (!), spanning ~30 Å, from membrane surface to membrane center. Excitingly, this electric potential, and its related internal membrane electric field (IMEF) have not been recruited to date for any medical application. Fascinated by the fact that every cell harbors its own discrete and strong powerhouse, Aposense developed rationally-designed molecular nano-motors (MNMs), being novel small-molecule chemical entities, capable of "energy mining" from the IMEF, and its translation into kinetic energy, for movement within the hydrophobic membrane core. Upon linkage to a cargo drug, this intra-mem¬brane movement of the MNMs can be utilized for energy-consuming tasks, such as enabling the delivery of siRNA into the cytoplasm, where they exert their pharmacological effects, e.g., gene silencing, or moving the drug into drug depot sites generated at the depths of the phospholipid membranes. In both scenarios, Aposense’s MNM are improving pivotal drug features.
TILT Biotherapeutics, founded in 2013, is a leading company globally working in the area of enabling tumor T-cell therapy with oncolytic viruses. The company’s patented technology is used to enhance tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL), chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T) and checkpoint inhibiting antibody therapy. TILT has secured almost 10M€ in funding and is now setting up phase I clinical trials, where its approach is further evaluated in cancer patients.
Awaken the body’s Power™ to protect, restore & regenerate Our vision is to “Challenge, Collaborate, Create” to bring innovative, impactful therapies which simplify and increase quality of life. Temple Therapeutics BV is a Dutch domiciled privately held company. We are a clinical stage company focused on developing products that are destined to address unmet medical needs in the hospital’s acute care and surgery departments. Temple’s development focus is on modifying disease. We believe in developing products that unlock the body’s intrinsic capacity to restore balance. Hence, your body is your Temple. Our goal is to develop treatments that truly increase quality of life and ease the financial burden. Our lead asset, Evitar™ has just completed phase I/II trial and is open to partnership opportunities as we enter the pivotal phase across USA, EU and Japan, including other regional markets. FDA meeting completed, regulatory and clinical pathways determined. Currently we are at the beginning stages of our fundraising campaign to complete additional studies including pivotal by 2018.