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BioEclipse combines the power of an oncolytic virus and the tumor locating ability of the CIK (cytokine induced killer) immune cell to deliver our patented cancer therapy to patients. The BioEclipse combination therapy is designed to address the current limitations of the existing therapies and the unmet needs in recurrent ovarian cancer. Our mission is “To deliver CURATIVE treatment to patients with cancer” by envisioning a cure with the aspiration to be at the forefront of turning cancer into a curable disease. Our immune cells traffick to tumors, through homing and targeting mechanisms, in pre-clinical animal models of disease, suggesting that in addition to the CIK tumor cytotoxicity, these cells could be useful as delivery vehicles for oncolytic viruses to enhance virotherapy. This has been convincingly demonstrated in pre-clinical animal models of ovarian, hepatocellular carcinoma, lymphoma, breast and prostate cancer. BioEclipse filed our IND in September 2017, following a successful response from the FDA on our pre-IND plan. Our business model is to deliver our therapy from BioEclipse to Hospital to Patient using either activated patient immune cells or in a scaled-up model using activated donor cells.

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