Attacking diseases by inhibiting RNA modification

STORM Therapeutics is looking to harness the power of RNA epigenetics by honing in on the modulation of RNA-modifying enzymes.

Aug 23, 2017
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Storm Therapeutics

STORM Therapeutics is a University of Cambridge, UK spin-out, translating the ground breaking work of Professors Tony Kouzarides and Eric Miska in RNA epigenetics and RNA modifying enzymes into the discovery of first-in-class drugs in oncology and other diseases. The discovery of reversible chemical modifications of RNA, their role in changing RNA activity and regulating key processes within the cell gave rise to the concept of RNA epigenetics. There is a growing understanding of the importance of RNA modifications in the development of cancer and other diseases, providing a wealth of novel therapeutic targets for drug discovery. We work hand in hand with our founders research groups using cutting-edge techniques such as chemical biology, RNA-Seq and RNA mass spectrometry to elucidate the functional role of diverse RNA modifications and identify their protein writers, readers and erasers. We have established a pipeline of drug discovery programmes to develop novel, first-in-class drugs for the treatment of specific cancers with high unmet medical need.

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