Transforming treatments for neurotrauma and neurovascular disorders

BioAxone is developing a suite of game-changing treatments for spinal cord injury, neurovascular diseases, and eye disorders by targeting Rho/Rho kinase signaling pathways involved in a variety of pathological processes.

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BioAxone BioSciences, Inc.

BioAxone is an emerging clinical stage company that creates innovative medicines for neurological disorders and neurotrauma. The company’s Phase 2 drug VX-210, was licensed to Vertex Pharmaceuticals in 2014 and is now in Phase 2b/3 clinical study for treatment of acute cervical spinal cord injury. The company has a research partnership with RXi Pharmaceuticals for a second pipeline drug in development to treat spinal cord injury. The company’s lead drug, BA-1049 is IND-ready and is development for treatment of cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM), a neurovascular disorder caused by loss of CCM gene function. CCM is a cerebrovascular orphan disease, and the loss of blood brain barrier function is a mechanism in common with other cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke. The company goal is to form partnerships with world-class biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical development and commercialization of drugs for the serious unmet needs in neurotrauma and neurovascular disease.

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