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Quidel MicroVue is a well-established name in biochemical bone markers, immune system monitoring and assays for the assessment of Complement activation. Quidel’s product list is extensive, offering ELISA assays, depleted sera, proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antisera, antigens, controls, and special reagents. Looking to expand the methodical arsenal of Complement analysis in animals, Quidel marketed the Pan-Specific C3 Reagent kit (RUO product). These reagents convert the activity of C3 in an animal specimen to human SC5b-9 that is detectable with the MicroVue SC5b-9 Plus EIA kit. The method allows sensitive and quantitative measurement of C3 in animal plasma or serum, which, to the extent C3 has been consumed prior to the assay, also provides a measure of prior Complement activation. The assay enables preclinical immune toxicology testing of C-mediated (pseudoallergenic) adverse drug effects.

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