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Mark Wolters

VP - Bayer Life Science Center - Head of Early Licensing at Bayer AG, Bayer AG

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Mei Li

Research Assistant, Tsinghua University

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Zeyad Alsaffar

Luxury Real Estate, Ovingtons

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Helena Chaye

CEO, Kalivir

At Werewolf Therapeutics, we are unleashing the power of proinflammatory immune modulators to develop next-generation, transformative cancer therapeutics. We are focused on advancing a novel class of conditionally activated proinflammatory immune modulators. These molecules are designed to act selectively within the tumor microenvironment and recruit a powerful anti-tumor immune response to deliver a clinically meaningful impact for patients. In contrast to the modulation of immune ‘OFF’ switches such as checkpoint inhibitors, systemic therapy with proinflammatory immune modulators requires exceptional control of delivery, tissue distribution and ultimately, activation to avoid normal tissue inflammation and organ toxicity. In the past, it has been challenging to develop these agents with the appropriate pharmaceutical properties and without off-tissue toxicities.
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Dong Soo Kang

Director, Samsung Biologics

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Iwona Cymerman

Board Member at Nanovelos, NanoVelos

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Grace Fu Palma

CEO, China Med Device LLC

Grace Fu Palma founded China Med Device, LLC in 2011. She brings 20+ years of industry experience to the medical device industry. She understands China's need for healthcare innovations for its growing and aging populations, and the complexity of the CFDA, and how to help US-based companies enter China markets. She welcomes sharing her knowledge to advance healthcare for the better. Grace has extensive management experience in marketing, business development, partnerships, and international commercialization from large multinational corporations (Hewlett Packard Medical Products Group, Phillips Healthcare) to start-ups (Teratech Corp). In 2005, she founded the Chinese American Heart Association, and built the 500-member society of leading cardiovascular clinicians and scientists with Chinese origins. Grace Fu Palma is originally from Beijing, China. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Beijing University and an MBA from Yale University. The combination of Ms. Palma's cross-cultural mentality and her deep Sino-U.S. medtech knowledge and professional experiences in China and the United States has enabled CMD to help more than 50 medtech companies with access and entry to China's healthcare markets and growth since CMD's inception.
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Gregg McConnell

Vice President, Business Development, BlueRock Therapeutics

Genome & Company is a research base biotech with development programs in microbiome based therapeutics, dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, and novel target innovator drugs in immuno-oncology. We have been studying microbes and probiotics which can be applied to obesity, diabetes, acne, atopic dermatitis, and cancer complementary therapies with the vision of becoming the flagship company of the human microbiome industry. We seek to identify what causes diseases, integrating the functional mechanism using a simulator of the human colon microbial ecosystem and multi-omics profiling through next generation sequencing. Currently, Genome & Company’s technology and capabilities are evidenced by partnerships with Major hospitals, Schools, Research Institutes and Governments; and it’s our privilege to be able to focus exclusively on research & development thanks to upwards of $50M trough series C financing, and our market capitalization being valued at approximately $400M in a Korean stock exchange.
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Cian O'Leary

Pharmaceutics Lecturer, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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Rémi Palmantier

Consultant and President of ImmThera, ImmThera Consulting SAS

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Lee C. Drinkard, M.D,

Medical Oncology/Hematology, Lee C. Drinkard, M.D., PLLC

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Seonkyoung LEE

BD Manager, KDDF

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BD, Innovent Biologics

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William Kem

Professor at University of Florida, University of Florida

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Jesse Paterson

Director, Business Development, GlycoNet

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Jeff Kent

COO, Papercurve

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Simon Loiodice

Research Scientist, CNS Pharmacology, Biotrial

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George Skouras

Managing Partner, Cue Capital LP